写真:林 隆弘 と 高橋 知裕

Amaze the world by the power of AI

HEROZ, inc. (“HEROZ”) has been and will continue to provide information technology services across the world, building on our concept of “heart filled with amazement” and aiming to “bring as many heroes into the world as possible”.

The concept “heart filled with amazement”represents HEROZ’ fundamental thought to provide services that would bring excitement and amazement to everyone rather than simply introducing and applying information technologies.

In the meanwhile, we also believe that every person has the potential to become a “hero” of a certain kind.

One of the founders of HEROZ, Takahiro Hayashi, has won the national shogi (Japanese chess) championship among amateur players several times in his career, and has also obtained 6 Dan, the highest rank for amateur players. It was around that time that Hayashi began to believe in the immense possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) which contributed to the improvement of his shogi techniques and skills.

HEROZ develops services and products and aims to achieve “to bring as many heroes into the world as possible” by “AI x mobile”, the world-class “AI” developed by our top engineers which has defeated professional shogi players in public matches, and “mobile” which is the closest and the most accessible device for everyone anywhere in the world today.

CEO Takahiro Hayashi / COO Tomohiro Takahashi