Analysis and Adaptive Learning by AI now on BackgammonAce!! – Improve your ability while enjoying the play! –


Tokyo (HEROZ, inc.) – HEROZ, inc. (“HEROZ”) providing mobile applications with Artificial Intelligence (AI), is proud to announce its release of premium service with analysis and adaptive learning functions provided by AI.
Analyzing game results and providing quizzes for individual players by AI, HEROZ is now introducing adaptive learning to the world of mind-sports, allowing players to learn individually based on their levels. With the vision of “revolution by Aritificial Intelligence”, HEROZ will continue to contribute in further development of the mind sports.

■About Premium Service
This service provides analysis and adaptive learning by the world class AI.
AI will fully support the improvement of your ability while enjoying playing in the personal “Play! -> Quiz! -> Check !” cycle.


-Enjoy hot online match-up with players world-wide.
-Find opponents world-wide automatically based on your strength.
-Able to play against the world champion.

-Personalized quiz
AI will send a daily quiz on what needs to be reviewed, based on your game results. You will receive personalized quiz every day. AI will also analyze the result of your quiz to further provide opportunities to review.
-You can also measure your skills by challenging the special quiz made by the world champion, Masayuki Mochizuki.


-Analysis of your game results
You can analyze every actual and possible moves based on your game results from Excellent to Blunder. Chance of winning throughout the game will be indicated so you can also assess the one important move of the game.


-Statistical graph of the game result
Daily game result (Rating, ErrorRate, obtained Chip) will be indicated on the graph which allows you to see the improvement at instant as well as the turning point of your improvement.


-Searching game result
You can search all online game results in detail such as your opponent, time, games with Blunder, etc.

■About Backgammon
Backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world expected to have over 300million players worldwide. It is gradually becoming popular in Japan nowadays as an intellectual, cool, and exciting game. Mochy and 2 other Japanese players have won the world championship up-to-date.

■ About BackgammonAce
app_icon_backgammonaceBackgammonAce is a backgammon app that provides comfortable, speedy and free online match-ups with the use of world-class AI. With fantastic graphics and clean user interface, it allows players to play with anyone anywhere around the world. It is ranked No.1 among board games in UK and Germany and is popular in 150 and more countries.

-App Name :BackgammonAce
-Price :free(optional item charging)
-Compatibility :iOS 5.0 or after (iPhone or iPad),Android 2.3 or after
-Apple AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/backgammonace/id687202428
-Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.heroz.backgammon
-Official web : http://pr.heroz.jp/backgammon/
-Catch-phrase : Never give up as long as there’s even a 1% chance to win.

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【About HEROZ, inc】
HEROZ is a company providing mobile apps using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which aims at offering services in the world with the concept “Surprising in mind”. It is one of the biggest service providers in Japan today, and will keep on offering services and collaboration activities actively to create a paradigm shift with the key word, AI x mobile.

【Contact Information】

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Web: http://heroz.co.jp/
Please contact us to the above, if you have any inquiries about this release.